MX3 – Professional LED Panel 13

Enter the Matrix V3, or MX3 for short. The second iteration of the matrix saga was cool, but not practical, this aims to be both Special thanks to Madrix for sponsoring this project with their awesome software 😀   Essentially, this project was conceived because of practical problems with the […]



I am well aware that I haven’t blogged in a while now; I have been busy doing lighting and sound for various stuffs. BUT, I have bothered to do the electronics and code for the nixie clock, a topic on which you shall be updated shortly   But for now, […]

Fire Spitting Pumpkin of DEATH

Unfortunately, I could not be bothered to make this twitter responsive (too unreliable), but it’s still cool. This was done in about 5mins on Halloween night at about 4am, so very, very crude When finished it had a nose as well… I just filled it with loads of my UPS fireball pods […]


Nixie Clock

Crappy vid of prototype single tube clock

Getting to grips with the MSP430 2

Ages ago (I mean ages), I bought one of the spectacularly cheap TI MSP430 Launchpad dev boards, but have never been bothered to have a look at it. So, it was about time to have a look at it. As per trend, I went for the LED bag, and found […]


The Much Larger Board of Many Ping-Pong Balls

The Much Larger Board Of Many Ping-Pong Balls 9

  It’s finally done. When some people finish projects, they look back and say “well that went quickly”; this was not one of those projects. There was about 80 hrs of soldering, then there was the design, software, CAM, assembly, drilling, glueing, and going to CPC to buy cables. This […]

Matrix – The [solder fumes] are burning my eyes !!!!!!

All the leds are soldered into grids by the wonderful school lighting crew (child / slave labour), and the school has paid for some cables, wire and solder (ran out, a bit) and got somebody to fab a hold(y) together(y) thing for them (as opposed to my semi-permanent method). This is […]


Yes, ’tis done. Unfortunately there shall be no kits, as this is a hack of a confetti cannon I had (don’t ask). Also because I can’t be arsed. The same applies to me doing details, making videos, taking photos, or otherwise doing things properly. However, when I have found a […]

Matrix Build Log 6

Ok, not much to say, all that’s left now is a bit of soldering and a bit of woodwork I’ve done the stand (T-Bar, I did one, and the DT Teacher did another) Soldering going well, lucky me doesn’t have to do it all, for this I thank the schools […]